England beat India in the Women’s World Cup

The English team defeated India by nine runs in the Women’s World Cup at Lord’s on 23rd of July.
It was a tough challenge and during the game, there were many moments, where it would seem that one of the sides will gain the win. When India was at 191-3, they were ready to make a winning move, however, England thwarted their plans with Anya Shrubsole’s effort, which made the opponents’ side lose several wickets for 28 runs.

Shrubsole finished with 6-46 and India’s chances were already wasted as they were at 219 with 8 unused balls.

Though England was on the top most of the time, the situation was almost always perilous, as India has been chasing desperately – probably the most successful chase in the final of such competition.
There were chances when England looked like they wouldn’t make it with Jenny Gunn’s unsuccessful move. However, Shrubsole has risen team’s morale by showing an astonishing performance while on the pitch.

England gained the World Cup title for the first time since 2009, and it was a tough way. They looked like they weren’t fit enough after losing to Australia in the T20 World Cup semi-final last year. After some changes, which occurred in the team during the year, including the introduction of a new captain and some batters, their proficiency has increased a lot.

This tournament had its own ironical part, with India’s win in the first tournament’s game against England. It looked like England still lacks the drive, but after some games, they started to exponentially gain their wins, emerging victorious in the final rematch against India. And if you firmly believe in England’s victory in the next game, treat yourself to a bet on it with this Bet365 promo code.

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