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Valid: August 2017

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Betdaq are now providing a 0% commission free offer for your first month ! Use our exclusive Betdaq promotional code valid throughout 2017 today! Start betting in confidence when you sign up to Betdaq this 2017! Using the BetCode promo code, all new customers will receive this excellent 0% commission first month offer when they have placed 5 bets of £10 or more. Sign up today by clicking the ‘Reveal Promo Code’ button above for a chance to get 0% commission first month!

The thing about great businesses is that their founders usually have in mind the formation of some kind of family – a place where people come together, an enterprise that unites those that are kept apart by distance and allows them to enjoy a common way of entertainment. This goal was what motivated Irish businessman Dermot Desmond to initiate Global Betting Exchange Alderney Ltd., or GBEA, commonly known by its trading name BETDAQ. Desmond launched the company in 2000 as a means for bettors around the world to compete against each other in games of odds, instead of going against fixed odds set by betting companies. This led to the creation of UK’s second biggest betting exchange operator, after the market’s number one giant Betfair.

Starting off pretty small at the beginning of the millennium, BETDAQ grew into a most prosperous and successful company. In 2013, at the point of its purchase by another grand name in the gambling and betting industries, Ladbrokes, BETDAQ was already processing transactions in excess of £75 million per week. Its central hub, GBEA, currently handles in total more than £7 billion per year, coming from brokerage of bets on sports and events from around the globe. The company has reached such heights through a series of lucrative investments. Among these, one can count, for instance, the contract with Cryptologic Inc., a renowned company in the online gaming software business, which led to the development of BETDAQ’s unique core software, or the launch of BETDAQNFL, the company’s micro-website dedicated to live streaming of NFL matches and commentaries by sports expert John Arnette.

As far as betting itself is concerned, BETDAQ certainly possesses all the core aspects of a great bookmaker. The company offers bettors a chance to bet both on sports and non-sports-related events such as politics. For example, you can choose to bet on one of the popular sports such as football, basketball, horseracing, greyhound racing, American football and so on, or on one of the not-as-mainstream activities like darts and Mixed Martial Arts. This is not all, however: you can also bet, if you want, on whom will the next US president be or who will prevail in the tough competition of The X Factor. It’s important to know that you are not betting against fixed odds, but instead your opponent is a player just like you; you are not fighting a corporation holding a monopoly of any sorts, but against a human. Such is the charm of the betting exchange.

Another important fact is that the commission is only 3% of the winnings – you pay nothing if you lose, and you will not have to pay one penny over 3% if you win. Moreover, not only is the commission very small, but you actually get some of it back. For each £100 paid in commission, you will get £25 back, up to £200! And if that somehow weren’t enough, there’s also a £200 bonus for the first money deposit – for you to bet to your heart’s content.

How to Claim

  1. Close all instances of Betdaq in your web browser.
  2. Register for an account by entering your detail through the ‘Reveal Code’ box above.
  3. Enjoy 0% commission on your first month at BetDaq!

In order to claim this offer from BetDaq you must meet the criteria of the offer. You must be a completely new customer of BetDaq and have not held an account with them previously to claim the free bet offer. If you had an account with BetDaq before and cannot get into your account then it is advised that you contact them before trying to setup a new account.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of this offer on the landing page when you click the ‘Reveal Promo Code’ button above. Although BetCode strives to give you the most up to date offers possible, there is always a chance that some of our information on this site is incorrect, therefore it is advised that you do read the small print on the BetDaq website to ensure that you know exactly what the offer is and what you need to do to get your welcome free bet.