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Bet £10 and get a £20 free bet today with Betsafe.

If you’re looking for a complete betting website, then you’re in the right place with Betsafe. This is their very creed: eliminating everything unnecessary from the betting process, for both the company’s and the customer’s satisfaction. This bookmaker spits in your face and challenges you to a serious bare-knuckles fight: go in the ring, place your bets, and wait for the referee to announce the winner. The company’s spokesperson admitted, for what seems like a premiere in modern-day betting and gambling, that the company wins whatever you do. The question remains: can you win more than the company does? They profess a £500 million giveaway per year in winnings and bonuses and, as they say, it has to go somewhere – so why not your pocket?

Started in 2006, Betsafe is one of those Scandinavian companies that seem to work by sheer impulse of being Scandinavian. Reliability, seriousness, fighting spirit, these are the things you can expect from the ultra-civilised great-grandchildren of the fearsome Vikings. Ten years on the bookmaking market have proven quite well that all these qualities do exist, but it’s not all Betsafe provides. To be blunt (and Betsafe certainly is blunter than anybody around there alright – no political correctness whatsoever), Betsafe is aiming to be the best and, in doing so, it also challenges other well-established companies like Unibet and so on. It does a pretty good job as well, as far as any serious punter can see.

Just like any other major bookmaker on the market, Betsafe has done a pretty good job with the website. Clean and crisp, with a red/carbon black interface, the website is as easy to use as anyone could possibly ask. The coverage is really not bad either. With a selection of around 30 different sports, Betsafe is definitely in the top 10% bookmakers. What’s more, the non-sporting events bring it even higher on the scale, as it offers all the usual politic events (US presidential race and so on) as well as a couple of TV shows, including the incredibly popular Game of Thrones, the X-Factor, BBC Sports Personality of the Year and so on. E-Sports are also included, with a couple of nice Counter-Strike and League of Legends bets. Of course, football takes the cake here. No surprise, really, we’re talking about a European bookmaker. You can try one of the approximately 13.000 football bets for pretty much every European and South American league you can think of and a couple you can’t even imagine, for one of the most complete football offers around.

The betting margin’s pretty good as well, at a 4.9% average – not very far from the best on the market. The winning cap is £12.500 per bet, which shouldn’t be a problem even for the hardcore bettors, with a £0.1 minimum bet that should make the delight of casual punters. Also, if you think this angry bookmaker has no player-oriented promotions, you’re completely wrong. Start off with a £20 bonus for your first £10 bet, and see all the other amazing stuff Betsafe has to offer!