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If you’re looking for a place that tests your gaming and management skills rather than your luck, DraftKings is exactly the thing for you. One of the world’s two largest daily fantasy sports providers, DraftKings was launched in 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s currently valued at no less than $900 million, according to the Wall Street Journal, which quotes a spokesperson of Disney. Probably a very good clue about how well the company is viewed by other major enterprises is the enormous size of investments made, as there was a chain of larger and larger amounts of money since its inception – starting with $1.4 million and reaching an astonishing $250 million by Disney in 2015.

DraftKings is not really a gaming website and you will not be able to play anything like FIFA 2017. Nor is it a true bookmaking website, because you actually have to employ other skills than simply guessing who will win a horse race or a game of soccer. This leads to questions regarding the legality of this kind of games and, as such, whether you’ll be allowed to play or not is the decision of your state’s Gambling Commission. Basically, what you do is become the manager of your own team and play against others like you in order to win. Of course, everything works with real cash, although there is a free version for the beginners, where you are allowed to learn how it works before throwing yourself in the real fight.

DraftKings has lucrative agreements with five major sports leagues in the United States: the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, the NHL, and the PGA. The British Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, NASCAR Racing, and so on, are also among the contracted parts. What’s more, DraftKings are also working with the WWE, the American wrestling giant, as well as the UFC, the world’s largest MMA organization. As such, you are able to compete as well in the virtual version of every one of these sports, with a team built of players you choose. You begin with a fixed salary, which you use to hire players, and you’re all set to go. There are all sorts of tournaments available: Guaranteed Prize, Head-to-Head, Open, 50-50, League, Multiplier, and Steps. Seasonal tournaments are also available, even though the main attraction consists of daily or weekly games at most. All you have to do is bet some money on your skill in choosing teams and who knows, you may become the next successful sports manager!

Speaking of money, DraftKings gives you some for signing up with them. In fact, there’s a pretty generous welcome bonus consisting in a first deposit match-up of 100%, up to $600. When you get started, you also get 50 games in the Beginners’ Tournaments (a.k.a. Noobs League), in order to get a grip on the game and boost your chances of winning the real challenges. Participate in the daily tournaments and see your money multiply a hundredfold, all through real-life skill and a tad bit of luck.